Mini 1/3 Size Of T-Rex Species Discovered In Alaska

March 13, 2014


Meet Nanuqsaurus, a miniature cousin of the t-rex that roamed northern Alaska some 70-million years ago. Roaming northern Alaska now? SASQUATCH.

While this has been called a dwarf or pygmy in some quarters, it is hardly small with an estimated size of around 5 m in total length (though based on very fragmentary remains). It may be a surprise to learn there are small tyrannosaurs out there - attention does tend to focus on the giants like Tyrannosaurus, but their forebears were rather smaller.

Five to seven meters total length? That sounds like a great size for a pet. Because unlike an actual t-rex, you won't run out of neighbors to feed it so quickly. Plus its still a decent enough size to ride into battle. And you know how I feel about doing battle! "You love it." It is one of my greatest passions. Second only to nipples.

Thanks to Antoine, who agrees its high time Jurassic Park becomes reality. I'm not getting any younger.

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