Man Recreates One Of Salvador Dali's Surreal Long-Legged Elephants In LEGO

March 21, 2014


This is the surreal elephant LEGOmaniac Jin Kei made to resemble one from Salvador Dali's iconic Los Elefantes (picture of the original painting after the jump). Pretty cool, right? I'd proudly display that in my apartment. Or on my desk at work. I mean, if I had a desk. I don't though so I'm writing with my laptop on top of the water cooler. It's not ideal, but I do get to hear all the latest office gossip. Like, hmmm -- let me think. Ooh -- did you hear the GW shit his pants at work twice this week?! It's like I'm invisible to them. :(

Keep going for a shot of Dali's original.


Thanks to Maif, who agrees that thing looks like it would be a bitch to dismount.

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