Pee-wee Herman's Bike From Pee-wee's Big Adventure For Sale On eBay

March 6, 2014


In news that brings back terrifying memories of Large Marge, Pee-wee Herman's tricked-out bike from Pee-wee's Big Adventure is currently for sale on eBay. I am going to buy it. I am going to buy it, then fly it to the moon like in E.T. "They didn't actually fly TO the moon in E.T." Don't be jealous just because you haven't seen the director's cut.

Its in pieces now, but everything is there.

Comes with an autographed photo of Paul Ruebens, a photo of him signing the photo, letter/certificate of authenticity, warner bro plans/spec sheet on the red cargo boxes. I am the third owner. I bought it in 2010 for $10,000. Selling because my family is getting larger.

Wait -- selling it because your family is getting larger? Like, because now everybody's too heavy to ride it? "Please tell me you're joking." About what? It sounds like these folks need to develop an exercise regimen. "GW, I want you to punch yourself in the head as hard as you can." Fine, but if I pass out on my keyboard and Geekologie is all gghgggggggggggggggggggggggg for the rest of the day, that's your bad.

Keep going for two more shots.



Thanks to JP, timsaddle and Erika, all of whom Large Marge sent.

  • Azariel_z

    I would use a black Light on it first... just to be sure is legit.

  • Rebecca Paul

    my buddy's half-sister Μ­­­­­­а­­­­­­K­­­­­­е­­­­­­ѕ $­­­­­­­89 every հ­­­­­­ο­­­­­­ս­­­­­­r on the с­­­­­­ο­­­­­­Μ­­­­­­ρ­­­­­­ս­­­­­­τ­­­­­­е­­­­­­r. She has been without W­­­­­­ο­­­­­­r­­­­­­K for 8 Μ­­­­­­ο­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ­­­­­­ѕ but last Μ­­­­­­ο­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ her ρ­­­­­­а­­­­У check was $­­­­­­­13858 just W­­­­­­ο­­­­­­r­­­­­­King on the с­­­­­­ο­­­­­­Μ­­­­­­ρ­­­­­­ս­­­­­­τ­­­­­­е­­­­­­r for a Ϝ­­­­­­е­­­­­­W հ­­­­­­ο­­­­­­ս­­­­­­rs. Read more on this ѕ­­­­­­і­­­­­­τ­­­­­­е,.. http://Foxprofitfalls2014nowsu6YN9gv....

    ▊▊▊ ▊▊▊ �▊▊▊ ▊▊▊� ▊▊▊ ▊▊▊Selling because my family is getting larger.

  • If you had this, WHY would you keep it in pieces???

  • christopher renfroe

    Probably to keep everything in good condition

  • Just sold for $36,600.00.

  • lorrrd

    laughed at "directors-cut" ! nice post again! (bike is average...customized ... but bargain with original "props" ... might bid with your "nom de guerre" - there will be a discount ! $ince I am the holder! (...of the 3-pack-bonanza)
    Assuming that lil malady wasn`t too bad - mine is over too - kinda turbo-flu - happy to see you back in irony-armor !
    ©heers from €uro-₫isney-₤and

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