Kicking Villain Ass: Marvel Comics Combat Boots

March 12, 2014


These are two different styles of Marvel combat boots available from Wet Seal ($40 and $45). I'm not a big fan of the hodge-podge design, but that's just me and they don't make them in a men's 12 so they're out of the question anyways. Remember the old insult, "Your momma wears army boots and dresses you funny?" That was a popular one when I was going to middle school in Alabama. I regret ever using it though. Honestly, I regret a lot of the things I've said. You know that Bob Marley song, I Shot the Sheriff? Why did he admit to that? Because if somebody asked me if I shot the deputy I would just say, "No I did not," and leave it at that. I might not be a master criminal, but I'm at least smart enough to not self incriminate myself for shit the authorities aren't even asking about.

♫ I didn't shoot the sheriff, and I did not shoot the deputy

But I am responsible for the recent string of burglaries and arson ♫

Keep going for more shots.






Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees if you're going to kick somebody, you should always take your shoe off first so you don't lose it up their gaping ass.

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