Dunking Your Droid: R2-D2 Swim Trunks

March 21, 2014


These are the R2-D2 swim trunks available from everybody's favorite store in the mall next to an Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Hot Topic. They're on sale for $22.13. For some reason in their online store they're in the girl's section, but that's definitely a dude in the picture. Although I suppose girls could certainly wear them too. Just no judging if I want to wear a two-piece thong. *booty shakin'* Haaaaai, I'm a sexy beach bunny over here! "You need to wax your ass." Is it really that bad? I've only felt it, I'm afraid to look.

Keep going for a shot of the rear because there was one available.


Thanks to Bryon, who is holding out for a pair of C-3PO ones. Jk jk, nobody has or will ever say that.

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