I'm Tired Of Asking Questions: Batman Villains Illustrated As Cartoon Sharks

March 14, 2014


This is a series of Batman villains imagined as cartoon sharks by artist Jeff Victor. Why? No clue. I already told you -- I'm tired of asking questions. Some people just get these ideas in their heads and run with them. Me? I only run with scissors. Jk jk, that's dangerous. I only run with DUAL NINJA SWORDS. Do you have any idea how many times I've accidentally killed myself? EIGHT. One more and I'm a goner. Meow meow meow meow meow.

Keep going for more.





Thanks to PYY, who informed me Batman's greatest nemesis is himself. Whoa, deep shit.

  • stuffsticks

    Where be batshark?

  • Johnny P Biviano

    @disqus_warxrCGsDk:disqus Give me a week and I'll have that all drawn up for you.

  • TheOtakuX

    Batman villains as sharks, but no Great White Shark? FAIL.

  • jrose

    Nice drawings, but man... We're really scraping the bottom of the mashup barrel now, aren't we?

    Just kidding. Up next: Disney Princesses illustrated as bacterial cells.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! Don't suggest things we have enough! *groan*

  • TheDR

    Clamydrella needs to be created.

  • Laura Steven

    my buddy's mother-in-law Μ­­­­­­а­­­­­­κ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ $­­­­­­­­­77 every հ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­υ­­­­­­r on the і­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­r­­­­­­ո­­­­­­℮­­­­­­τ. She has been without a ј­­­­­օ­­­­­ƅ for 9 Μ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ­­­­­­ѕ but last Μ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ her check was $­­­­­­­­­16301 just W­­­­­­օ­­­­­­r­­­­­­κing on the і­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­r­­­­­­ո­­­­­­℮­­­­­­τ for a Ϝ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­W հ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­υ­­­­­­rs. linked հ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­r­­­­­­℮,.. http://Foxprofitfalls2014only/ki4ujp....

    ★★★ ★�★★ ★★★ ★�★★ ★★★Meow meow meow meow meow.

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