I'm Flying, Jack!: Two R/C Copters Lift Woman Off Ground

March 5, 2014


This is a video from R/C Helicopter stunt crew HeliGraphix of a ~125-pound woman (plus equipment) being lifted off the ground by two heavy-duty modified Gaui X7 "Megatron" R/C copters. I thought it was fake at first, but apparently it's real. So that's pretty cool. Now somebody tie me to two R/C helicopters and tear my arms off. Then keep circling around beating me in the head with them while I will try to catch them in my mouth like the apple-on-a-string game.

Keep going for the video. A ton more information on the project, including science stuff at their Facebook page HERE.

Thanks to shelman, who's holding out for R/C copters that can support the weightof two people so he can join the 15-feet high club.

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