I'm Flying, Jack!: Two R/C Copters Lift Woman Off Ground

March 5, 2014


This is a video from R/C Helicopter stunt crew HeliGraphix of a ~125-pound woman (plus equipment) being lifted off the ground by two heavy-duty modified Gaui X7 "Megatron" R/C copters. I thought it was fake at first, but apparently it's real. So that's pretty cool. Now somebody tie me to two R/C helicopters and tear my arms off. Then keep circling around beating me in the head with them while I will try to catch them in my mouth like the apple-on-a-string game.

Keep going for the video. A ton more information on the project, including science stuff at their Facebook page HERE.

Thanks to shelman, who's holding out for R/C copters that can support the weightof two people so he can join the 15-feet high club.

  • lorrrd

    Whoooo... science (?) nerdism , boredom ... so what ??? And sure she's human `? That cheap hooker-outfit would fit better 2 a bot !

  • Will Chamberland

    "No wait! Can't forget my purse!"

  • baal

    hrm - what could possibly go wrong?

  • KLanD

    Ropes..? Why didn't they strap these to a back pack?

  • Guest

    its easier to avoid accidental dismemberment when you've got them at the end of long ropes, blades sure but also you'd have to drive them farther apart to rip limbs, an arcing rope with some give to it allows wiggle room to correct.

  • KLanD

    Spoil sport..

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