Man In Thong Steals Batman Costume, Prances Around For Half Hour Before Being Arrested

March 12, 2014


This is the closed-circuit television footage from a second-hand shop in New South Wales, Australia, of a man in a thong who wanders into the back area of the shop, steals a Batman cape and mask, and proceeds to prance around the backyard for 40-minutes before being arrested. At one point he even finds and plays with a Batman doll. A couple things, 1) who would ever donate their Batman cape and mask to a second hand store in the first place? Somebody better have died. 2) What is he on? Do you think he's under the Scarecrow's influence? Because, I don't know about you, but running around in the backyard pretending to be near-nude Batman sounds like a GOOD TIME. Who's with me? Anybody? I could really use a Robin. Also, Australia you need to BACK OFF, I'm pretty sure drugged buttcheek Batman is Florida's territory.

Keep going for a news report, but be warned: undeniable sexiness.

Thanks to SharaSue, who briefly contemplated doing the same thing as Catwoman before coming to her senses and realizing Harley Quinn is where it's at.

  • darabe

    lol if i was the store owner i wouldnt press charges. this guy gave my store good publicity.

  • asdfadfs

    it appears to be the adam west era costume. good choice

  • lorrrd

    ...nice TV-sub-post but at least i feel entertained again! Nice description , i am with you - (not as robin tho)

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