I Gotta Go: Airpnp, A Pay To Use Private Bathrooms App

March 6, 2014


I swear this has existed in other forms before (maybe in New York?), but Airpnp is an internet app that connects people who need to use the bathroom with people who are willing to let strangers use their bathrooms for a fee. Fine, but if anybody pisses in my bathtub or smears shit on the walls I will force-feed you one of those mints that turns toilet water blue. Also, only one visitor at a time -- I can't have some couple using my sonic toothbrush as a sex toy.

The founders are both born and raised New Orleanians and during the Mardi Gras they routinely experienced the pain point of having no place to legally urinate. This problem is often solved by using what is known as a "rogue pee." If caught the person faces a weekend in Orleans Parish Prison. Yet this stiff penalty doesn't stop thousands upon thousands of "rogue pees." This clearly demonstrates the demand for a legal alternative. Entrepeeneurs Travis Laurendine and Max Gaudin decided to capitalize on this golden opportunity starting with Mardi Gras 2014.

Rogue peeing, huh? Is it still considered rogue if you just piss your pants? Because if I was at Mardi Gras that's what I would do. Probably without even knowing it. I can get really drunk. You know how many mornings I've woken up not knowing where I am? Zero. You know how many afternoons I've woken up not knowing where I am? Every single one. All I know is whoever lives here owns a pink laptop, and it isn't password protected.

Thanks to Alice, who wants as few people using her restroom as possible. SAME. Although I will let anyone piss in my roommate's hamper for $1.

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