Doctor Who TARDIS LEGO Set Up For Voting

March 20, 2014


Hey guys I am having some personal health problems, so bear with me.

This is the Doctor Who TARDIS LEGO set currently up for voting on the LEGO Cuuso website. Of all the sets I've seen on the site recently, I feel like this one might actually stand a chance. Whovians are pretty fanatical. The only question is whether the BBC, which owns the rights to Doctor Who and is based in England, will be able to reach a licensing agreement with LEGO, which is based in Denmark. England and Denmark are long time rivals. They actually hate each other. "Who told you that?" My roommate, he said it would make me sound smart. Is it working? What if I put on these glasses?

Keep going for some closeups.





Thanks to Josh J, who has never been inside the TARDIS but did change in a red phone booth once like Superman.

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