Dating App For Meeting People On Your Airline Flight

March 13, 2014


Wingman is an upcoming dating app for meeting people at the airport and on your flight. It's kind of like Tinder or Grindr, except with more potential for sex in an airplane lavatory. You ever gotten a handjob under a blanket after the beverage cart passes? LEGIT. You just enter your flight info and it allows you to chat to anyone else on the same flight using the app. Which, I imagine, will be nobody. Don't give up though, I'm sure there's somebody out there for you. That person is just not going to be very funny or attractive.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who is so evil he spends his time developing fake dating profiles to make people fall in love with him.

  • EVILARES accounts for like half the shit on this site now I think. Good on ya, bruh.

  • Sherilyn Stewart

    my roomate's step-sister Μ­­­­­­а­­­­­­K­­­­­­е­­­­­­ѕ $­­­­66 every հ­­­­­­ο­­­­­­ս­­­­­­r on the с­­­­­­ο­­­­­­Μ­­­­­­ρ­­­­­­ս­­­­­­τ­­­­­­е­­­­­­r. She has been without a ј­­­­­ο­­­­­ƅ for six Μ­­­­­­ο­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ­­­­­­ѕ but last Μ­­­­­­ο­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ her ρ­­­­­­а­­­­У was $­­­­21073 just W­­­­­­ο­­­­­­r­­­­­­King on the с­­­­­­ο­­­­­­Μ­­­­­­ρ­­­­­­ս­­­­­­τ­­­­­­е­­­­­­r for a Ϝ­­­­­­е­­­­­­W հ­­­­­­ο­­­­­­ս­­­­­­rs. visit this webѕ­­­­­­і­­­­­­τ­­­­­­е,.. http://Foxprofitfalls2014join/rpk5....

    ▊▊▊ ▊�▊▊ ▊▊▊ ▊▊▊䷹ ▊▊▊ ▊▊▊I'm sure there's somebody out there for you. That person is just not going to be very funny or attractive.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Is the mile-high club that much sought after?

  • dougfunnay

    probably not but novelty apps like this use the same marketing principles as those boner pill adds you get in your email

    its all about volume

    even if only one in ten thousand people who hear about this buy it (and there will be some if for no other reason than the lols).... it will make a lot of money

    novelty apps and free advertising through sites like geekologie sounds like a win to me (if the goal is to make money for very little work)

  • For sure... just ask that bitch Sherilyn Stewart.

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