Daaaaw: Dad Adds Special Effects To Videos Of Son

March 27, 2014


OMG I love playing the floor is lava!

This is 'Action Movie Kid', a series of twelve short videos (they'll play in a row as a playlist) featuring a 3-year old on adventures that his dad has added special effects to. They're all pretty cute. There is very little video footage of me as a kid. Mostly because my parents didn't own a video camera. Although there aren't many photos of me either despite the fact my parents did have a regular camera and took a ton of pictures of my brother and sister. I'm starting to think maybe I wasn't their favorite. Plus my mom didn't save my baby teeth even though she wears all theirs on a necklace.

Keep going for the video playlist.

Thanks to Cliz and Ashley, who were going to do the same thing with videos of their kids until they realized they'd accidentally shot in portrait mode and already ruined every single video.

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