Daaaaaw: Little Han Solo And His Dachshund Chewbacca

March 6, 2014


These are a handful of shots (and a video) taken by photographer Rocio Preciado of 12-year old Chewbacca the dachshund playing with his friends Han Solo and Darth Vader. Wait -- Darth Vader? Darth Vader doesn't have friends. If anything, Darth Vader only has frenemies who are all too afraid of him to tell him they don't want to go out for beers after work on Fridays. And can you blame them? I'm not trying to get Force-choked before the weekend even starts.

Keep going for the rest of the shots and the video.





Thanks to LD, who's convinced neither Han nor Greedo shot first, but that there was a third shooter.

  • lorrrd

    Ok.. so you & GF gonna get the "ultimate examen" before having baby-boy or -girl... > so much to the good news ... go adopt another Dog ! Can't be too many tho... But stay outta family-pressure (as long as you're able !!)
    Now we`re back in the cute-lil-prince-with-dog-post-era ?
    All well - i do love your captions & tags ! R.e.s.p.e.c.t. GW!

  • Beth, yn enw ceilliau Elvis ', ydych chi'n siarad am?

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    So.., lorrrd is basically a troll right?

  • lorrrd

    - good call ! Salvation is close !

  • Diolch yn fawr. Nawr ewch i ffwrdd.

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