Count Me In: Goat Simulator's Official Launch Trailer

March 27, 2014


Remember that Goat Simulator video? How could you forget, you've always dreamed of being a goat. Me? I've always dreamed of being a bird of prey. CAW, CAW! This is the official launch trailer for Goat Simulator (preorder HERE, released April 1st, which sounds like an April Fool's joke but I totally bought it and they took my money so if they don't deliver I will visit their office with a tank), in the style of the original Dead Island's announcement trailer. I'm actually wrapping up Dead Island: Riptide right now. It was decent. Pretty repetitive, but decent. I'm looking forward to moving on with some new games though. My life is very interesting. I had a granola bar for breakfast and I'm thinking about making tuna salad for lunch! I'll leave the door unlocked, just let yourself in and blast away.

Keep going for the video, as well as the original Dead Island one in case you forgot.

Thanks to Joslyn, who has goat dreams at night. Lucky, I have dreams I drown, then watch my own funeral as a ghost. Not even kidding.

  • BMan56

    GTA: Goat

  • Bastardo

    There had better be multiplayer...

  • G-man

    Should vote for steam greenlight ASAP!

  • The Sash

    Riptide was boring. I think, the original Dead Island was way more fun. Try it, GW!


    I beat the first one too. And yeah, I liked it more.

  • Tyguy

    Yeah, but Goat Simulator is clearly going to blow both of those games out of the water.

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