Aww, You Guys!: Batman And Robin BFF Necklaces

March 14, 2014


These are the $90 Batman and Robin best friend necklaces made by Etsy seller VisionQuest (I f***ing love vision quests). Which friend is going to wear the Robin one? Presumably whoever's the bitch in your friendship, so not you. You are a LEADER. You are an ALPHA MALE. Unless you're a lady, then you are an ALPHA FEMALE. Me? I'm a zeta. You know who always got picked last for kickball when they were a kid? Not me, I never got picked at all. The last team to choose would always opt for one less player than to pick me. BUT I'LL SHOW THEM. "Wow, are you really still holding a grudge after 20 years?" Twenty two years, ten months and a week tomorrow. I'm saving for a rocket launcher.

Thanks to lilco, who is holding out for the little pizza slice BFF necklaces.

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