Artist Paints Children's Medical Helmets To Look Cooler

March 31, 2014


This is a series of children's medical helmets painted by artist Paula Strawn to look cooler than the plain white they come in. They almost make me wish I had to wear a medical helmet. I don't though. "Then what's that on your head?" Oh this? This is a CRASH helmet. "And those?" Those are football pads. My mom makes me wear them whenever I go outside -- I got run over by the school bus twice in middle school. "Wow." And once in high school. "Ahahhahahhahahha." Three times since I graduated college. "My God you're a special human being." I always think they're ice cream trucks!

Keep going for a bunch more, but you can see ALL (there's a ton) of the designs in Paula's online portfolio.
















Thanks to chichi, who agrees the coolest helmets are the ones that look like fish bowls that space rangers wear.

  • Neome Davila

    Where can I get this done for my grandson he is getting one today. I would love or him to have a design done for him

  • Larkin

    How do you acquire the helmets? I'd like to look into doing this locally...What a great idea!

  • You have terrible grammar

    Childrens' *

  • Matthew Anderson

    The possessive plural of child is children's.
    Just like (wo)man is (wo)men's.
    Look into it. Try looking up your local children's hospital for example. Or maybe THEY'VE got it wrong too.

  • Bertw192

    Actually... It should be child's, as the story is about a single child.

    It may shock you, but the internet is full of errors (grammatical and otherwise). You probably shouldn't make it your life's mission to point them all out.

  • Carlos Bustamante

    My son wears one painted like the x wing pilot helmet. These are amazing!

  • Djshay12

    D'awwww. This is great.

  • asdfadfs

    wait wait wait, one kickass aviator helmet and a few kneepads let you get run over SEVERAL times by a bus and not just live but remain able to wander under a tire yet again under your own power?

    where can I get my kid a helmet like that? doesn't need it but armor is like a condom, better to have and not need.... maybe work on that analogy before using it around the little bastard

  • Alyson Burch

    I'm pretty good at painting. :) I should see if I can paint something like these at my local hospital.

  • the antagonist

    Do it! You'll earn the eternal respect and admiration of this internet stranger, and probably make some kids really happy, too.

  • Bubbubsky

    Yeah, that oughta get her out of at least a few days' worth of purgatory.

  • Emma John

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    ★★★ �★★★ ★★★ ★★★� ★★★Those are amazing... Good job parenting.

  • Bertw192

    Damn... I wish I had a special medical helmet. Those are amazing... Good job parenting.

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