Addictive: Watching Model Train Travel In Endless Spiral

March 13, 2014


This is a video of a 141-car model train traveling in an infinite spiral and loop. I like that couch. I think my parents had the same couch when I was a kid. OR DID THEY? Dum dum dum! Now that I think about it I think ours was different. You know how much cereal I lost in the cracks of that thing? Enough to stock a grocery store. Speaking of the GS (I call the grocery store the GS for short), anybody want to take me after work today? They're having a special on crab legs that is NOT TO BE MISSED. "Wow!" Right? If my life got any more exciting Hollywood would be kicking down the door to buy the movie rights.

Keep going for the video and pretend you're a little person riding that train to nowhere.

Thanks to SC, who agrees no model train is complete without its operator wearing a conductor's hat.

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