Bionic Arm Gives Drummer 2nd Chance At Rocking Out

March 7, 2014


Meet drummer Jason Barnes. Jason lost part of his right arm in an accident, so Georgia Tech professor Gil Weinberg built him robotic prosthesis so he could still drum his face off and become a rock star. Hell, I haven't even heard him play yet and I'd still throw my bra at him on stage. Same goes for Def Leppard's one-armed drummer Rick Allen (although Rick would probably get my underwear too if I'd remembered to wear any).

The wearable offers direct control of one drumstick using bicep muscles; a second, automated drumstick monitors Barnes' timing and plays in sync at a customizable pace, creating a sound that ordinary humans can't match.

As you might imagine, the robotic arm has advantages for metal and other musical styles where complex drumming is essential.

Wow, a robotic arm that performs even BETTER than a regular arm. How bout that? It almost makes me wish-- "Please don't say you lost an arm." No. I am thankful for my arms. I was going to say it almost makes me wish science could do something for my penis. Like, I dunno, make it stop destroying planets in my sleep. NASA is getting pissed.

Keep going for a brief video of the bionic arm's capabilities.

Thanks to Grego, who once rocked out so hard every woman at the concert got pregnant. Wow, that...sounds like some serious child support payments.

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