40-Year Old Deaf Woman Hears For The First Time

March 28, 2014



Seen here looking suspiciously like Kevin Arnold's mother from The Wonder Years, 40-year old Jo Milne hears for the first time thanks to cochlea implants. I cried. Then I got embarrassed and started yelling at the person filming for recording in portrait mode. Wow, portrait mode, really -- what's the hell's the matter with you?! Then I cried some more.

Keep going for the video. It's sweet.

Thanks to Weezel, Pat and Evan, who never take their hearing for granted and always remove their headphone to listen for cars before crossing the street.

  • Fercho

    Doctor should have said "Listening is awesome. Get used to this but get surprised at every very moment too".

  • Millie

    My partner knows this womans mother and she isn't a moron she's a mother in her 60's seeing her daughter hear for the first time and certainly isn't a moron jordon kersey

  • MonkeeKnucklez

    I wonder how many times she prayed to hear again before science was like "we got this"

  • Damien Bayless

    This is a truly inspiring video and really makes you think not to take these every day abilities for granted. Congratulations to Joanne!

  • Seth

    She has SO much great music to catch up on.

  • Televise
  • Seth

    I dont even know what that means.

  • Mister Cerberus

    I'm curious how she knows what a high pitched noise is.

  • Seth

    They dont mention this, but since she can speak, she was probably able to hear a tiny bit. This probably gave her 'regular' hearing. Like people who are considered 'legally blind' can still see a certain amount.

  • Kaizer Chief

    She certainly speaks surprisingly well.

  • David

    damn onions!

  • sillymeggers

    Yes she is blind as well

  • The Sash

    must be great for her. Hearing Music for the first time. Mozart, Bach, John Williams, Classic Rock. A whole new world to discover.

  • Ollie Williams

    Is she also blind, because those pants are fucking horrible.

  • Seth

    Making fun of someones pants. Are you a fucking 5th grader? You are a tumbling, tumbling dickweed.

  • Ollie Williams

    Yes, I am a fifth grader. This week, Miss Johnson is teaching us how to multiply fractions. I also love being 10 years old.

  • flyingmonkey456

    Actually, she is blind. ( http://www.independent.co.u... ) Now don't you feel like an asshole?

  • Ollie Williams

    Not really.

  • ODwanKenObi

    I wonder what it sounds like to her. To put the words she has known all her life and match them with sounds she has never heard before. Must be a bit disorienting to say the least. What a beautiful thing.

  • Jordan Kersey

    its great to see things like this happening... although its ashame the person recording is a moron and didnt turn their phone the right direction to record the video -__-

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