You Had Me At Oral: The Oral Replicating Vibrator

February 3, 2014


Meet the $169 ORA vibrator from luxury sex toy manufacturer LELO. It looks like fun. LOTS of fun. Thank God it's rechargeable because there aren't enough batteries in the world to fulfill my desires. "It's for women." I WILL MAKE IT WORK.

LELO Ora is an external vibrator that simulates the same pleasureable feelings of oral sex. Similar to an oral sex simulator, Ora delivers swirling strokes, fast flicks and vibrations to stimulate the clitoris and the area around the clitoris.

A turbo or INTENSE setting delivers 30% more power along with 10 rotation and vibration patterns.

Super smooth, rechargeable and waterproof. Discover for yourself if LELO Ora is better than the real thing.

Did I mention you get free clitoral arousal oil with your order? Because you do. Is it drinkable? One blogger plans on finding out! That blogger isn't me though, just so we're clear. I learned my lesson from banana flavored lube. It didn't taste anything like bananas! Plus it was weird having a penis in my mouth.

Keep going for a product shot, explanation of movement, and video.



Thanks to Stacey, who keeps me up to date on the latest and greatest sex toys. It's an important job.

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  • Johnny Bigrig

    I'm sure a pair of overbearing liberal parents had NOTHING to do with giving her the idea to complain about it in a letter. She went and got the stamp and had the idea all by herself.

  • Are you sure you meant to post this here?

  • ZidaneTheTribal

    now i can finally give my imaginary gf some ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!!

  • Jfdelman

    Good brand, bought a vibrator for my wife couple years ago, top notch quality.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    OH! That's what I'm supposed to do down there! ... shit

  • cocoa

    LOL @ Plus it was weird having a penis in my mouth.

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