WTF Did I Just Watch? (Over And Over And Over): Guy Destroys X-Box With Ground Meat, Chocolate Milk, Urine

February 10, 2014


Warning: Video does contain some golden showers at the end (that's pervert talk for peeing on something). You can't see his pecker though.

So apparently this video is a couple months old but it brought me great joy over the weekend so I'm posting it. If you've already seen it shut your mouth and watch it again or wait an hour for the next article which will also be old. This is a video (from the How to Basic guy that breaks eggs on everything) of him building a Playstation 4 out of an old X-Box. Except not really. It's just his usually mix of smashing eggs, beating it with a steak, then peeing on it. It might be my favorite performance art piece to date. I wish he wouldn't have wasted that breakfast steak though. That looked good. Also, I almost wrote an Upworthy style title for this post when I first started. Something like, "Man Sets Out To Build Playstation 4, You Won't Believe What Happens Next." But when I typed it in the box it made me feel like a piece of shit so I bailed on it. It's only Monday, I'm trying to hold off on the self-loathing at least until tomorrow (but will hate myself by lunch).

Keep going for the video, obviously the ending is my favorite because I'm in 4th grade (for the second time).

Thanks to Mary D, who informed me you can't actually build a PS4 out of an old XBox without at least two cups shredded cheese.

  • Mellow

    GW, make sure that you never, EVER think about switching to upworthy style post titles again. Ever. I will disown you.

  • inconspicuous

    I'd rather not

  • Prometheus

    So people actually GO to his channel to watch a naked man beat meat on random objects?

  • Johnny Bigrig

    Or he could have just played it for 3 months...

  • Sicher

    Randy Pitchford?

  • TheQiwiMan

    HE GOES TOO FAST!! I keep getting lost after the 17th egg! Someone please help, I'm still no closer to making my own PS4!! :-(

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    so this is what porn is now

  • cardstock

    Watching someone destroy an xbox in a weird way: I could see that as being funny. When it becomes some kind of weird food and poo fetish video that occasionally includes an xbox, I become uncomfortable.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    I have seen a lot of weird fetishes but this one is new to me.

  • Altior

    HowToBasic is so cool! XD

  • iofo61

    He could have just rubbed his small, girly hands on it until it died of shame.

  • nancy

    Egg fetish for sure.

  • Richelle Howes

    What the actual fuck....

  • bearmacerick

    I'm not familiar with the type of thing I'm seeing here.

  • Vladeon

    This guy has a ton of videos on "How to do X" where he invariably takes a related object, smashes it on a counter, smashes eggs on it, and then completely makes a terrible mess. It was funny the first time I saw it after looking for a how to video, but not so much each time after that.

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