Women Cosplaying As Male Characters From The Hobbit

February 24, 2014


This is a series of women dressed as male characters from the Hobbit as photographed by Russian artist Alexander Turchanin. They're all really good, plus strangely erotic. Jk jk, there's nothing strange about it, they're ONLY erotic. Thankfully, they didn't include a Gollum in the mix to ruin everything, although I do know a girl who would be perfect for the character. *making phone call* Hi mom, is Becky home from school yet?

Keep going for nine more.










Thanks to lilco, who wants to see females cosplaying as male characters from the Hobbit cosplaying as female characters from Star Trek.

  • zeldasbff

    Kili, Thorin, Balin and Ori are spot on!

  • emily

    There's no Kili. That one is Fili :)

  • zeldasbff

    Actually I meant Bofur haha, the one after Gandalf.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    I wanna see Dwarven girls Gandalf! Dwarven girls!

  • Littletroubleshooter

    Where's Kim Kardashian?

  • Matty Spinny

    next movie in the franchise! lol... id watch it

  • Jeffery Dodds

    I can see no need for it to ever be any other way.

  • Austin Baker
  • Fercho

    The girl as Ori is insanely accurate.

  • Suspicious Character

    Very Nice!

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Kinda want to see Bilbo naked.

  • lorrrd

    Welcome back GW !! Me almost worried , but lately too busy till now !
    Weekend-hassle , monday bloody monday ...
    ... yep russian Role-models are just fine!
    Thank You for that! (even i never been "into" that saga)

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