What The Hell Is That?: A Rollerblade/Scooter Hybrid

February 4, 2014


This is the $610 AeYo (as in "AeYo -- what the f*** are you doing?"), a new piece of exercise/transportation equipment that combines the excitement of Rollerblading with the safety of added stability and the appearance of trying to hump a little robot as it speeds away backwards. Obviously, I'm going to start a crew. You in? "No." Come on, we're gonna get embroidered jackets made and everything! "Well in that case." Really?! "You're an idiot." What's going on in your life that you have to be so mean to me?

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to Jeff C, who told me it's actually more of a rollerblade/bicycle hybrid but I politely agreed to disagree (I yelled at him and called him names).

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