The World's Current Tallest Dog (Is F***ing TALL)

February 12, 2014


This is Freddy. On the right. On the left is Claire Stoneman, Freddy's caretaker. Freddy is currently the world's tallest living dog, and is just three inches shy of the world's tallest ever, George. Right now Freddy is a year and a half old and stands 7-feet 4-inches on his back legs. For reference, that's just six inches shorter than I am when I'm wearing my wizard hat. I assume he eats like six-hundred pounds of food a day and takes shits the size of French baguettes. There's a woman in my apartment building that has a pet pig. He's really cute. Granted not cute enough to not think about what he'd taste like every time she asks me to pig-sit, but still pretty cute. Apparently ol' Freddy here has already destroyed fourteen sofas. I dunno, Claire, maybe it's time to look into some obedience training.

Keep going for a couple more pictures and a video.



Thanks to Ryan, who always thought Great Danes were actually called Great Dames. Jk jk, that was me.

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