The Pillow That Looks Like A Giant Bag Of Weed

February 6, 2014


This is the Giant Stash Pillowcase (currently a Kickstarter project), a $35 pillowcase that looks like a giant Ziploc full of weed. Plus it has a secret stash pouch inside for storing your actual weed, making it infinitely easier for your roommates to find and smoke everything you've got. You know where i used to hide my weed? I'm not telling, because it's the same place I still hide it now. "Come on, just tell me." Fine, it's in the black duffel bag in the back of my closet. "I'm taking it all!"

*five minutes later*

"Jesus, what was really in that bag, dirty laundry?"
Haha, just the underwear I've had accidents in but haven't thrown away yet.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to G-Man, who told me keeps his weed in a pill container between his butt cheeks. Too much info, bro.

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