The Foot Clan: Custom Ninja Turtle Donatello Nikes

February 4, 2014


These are the Nike Air Force Ones customized by sneaker lover Sekure D with a Donatello theme. They remind me of when I was a kid growing up in Alabama my buddy Tyson and I would run around barefoot all summer trying to develop ninja feet. Ninja feet are when the soles of your feet get so tough and callused that you can walk on anything without it hurting. One time when we were out ninja-ing under a bridge we found a couple pages ripped from a nudey magazine, but then when we returned the next day they were gone. Did he go back later that night and take them? Nope, but I did.

Thanks to HW, who agrees Nike should actually produce a line of Ninja Turtle shoes for me to want but never buy because my roommate says rent is more important. Pfft, what does he know?

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