Sometimes I Wish I Was A Lady: Leather Armor Corsets

February 19, 2014


These are the intricate leather armor corsets made by Andrew Kanounov. If I were a lady I would kill for one. Hell, I'm not a lady and I'd still rock one around the house pretending to be Xena Warrior Princess while my roommate is at work. Will I be swinging a sword? At least a broomstick! Will I be ricocheting one of those metal Chakram throwing disks off the walls? No, I don't have one. Although I think my roommate has a Frisbee he uses to break up weed in. Maybe I could borrow that. Now, which one of you wants to come over and play my partner Gabrielle? Oh, and dudes only -- this is serious role-playing business, not sexy time.

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Thanks to Queen B, who agrees they need to make them with weapons attached for boob to boob combat.

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