So Long, Egon: Touching Tribute Comic To Harold Ramis

February 26, 2014


This is the tribute comic to Harold Ramis drawn by Ash Vickers of Megacynics. Hold it down, GW, hold it down. *does not hold it down at all*

When I drew this, the scene popped into my head of Egon actually wanting to know what it was like to go into the trap. I never meant to imply that they'd stick him in the containment unit with the other ghosts ;P. He's smiling and saying good-bye like "no... it's fine, guys. I'll be fine!"

I've gotten a lot of complaints that I didn't write about Harold's passing earlier but that's because I got sad. Sometimes you really need time to digest and internalize something, you know? It's like, if your dog passes and you go out and get a new one the same week. That ain't right, you need time to mourn. We lost a great one. Rest in Peace, Harold.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, for remembering to not cross the streams.

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