Smarty Pants: Crow Solves 8-Step Puzzle To Score Treat

February 13, 2014


This is a video of a crow (a member of the Corvus genus, which includes ravens) solving a complex 8-step puzzle in order to grab himself a treat. Apparently members of the Corvus genus are particularly smart, which I already knew because of that Edgar Allen Poe poem where the guy is constantly asking that raven questions and it always answers. This crow is already familiar with the way all the individual puzzles work though, so it's not as crazy as I first thought. Because if he had just figured out on the fly that he needs to put three rocks into the plexiglass box to weigh the plate down enough for the stick to drop without having any experience with the puzzle before, well, that would make him smarter than me. And, honestly, he might still be. I spent ten minutes panicking in my own bathroom last night before realizing the door opens the other way.

Keep going for the video, it's worth a watch if you haven't seen it already.

Thanks to Hairkare, Brianna, luke and E V I L A R E S, who agree he should have tried knocking the box with the treat in it off the table first to see if that would do the trick. *CRASH* Solved in one step.

  • fdafda

    i liked the old one with the u shaped tube full of water, a bucket of worms floating in one end just out of reach, a length of wire pile of pebbles and several birds. some birds solved it using the wire to hook the bucket, some birds threw pebbles in the hole to raise the water level and bring the bucket to the top, ect.

  • Royalblueduck

    not your everyday birdbrain

  • Bubbubsky

    And with that, the crow proves that it's smarter than several people I know.

  • Jeremy Sandlin

    ...cleaver girl

  • Smarter than many people you see in WaltMart

  • fdafda

    like the raccoon-folk who steal handfuls of cereal by punching through the "face" side of the box, slash open a carton of juiceboxes to give one to their kid(placing it back on the shelf behind a couple other cartons they removed for this purpose) or eat grapes and cherries and spit the seeds into the apple display like douches.

    once I found the bones of a half eaten rotisserie chicken behind the printers. real animals would steal food with less damage. specially the crows they mostly just want eyes.

    or was that costco. I always get them mixed up, I think it was actually the costco near me.

  • ntgCleaner

    "was the crow already familiar with the way the puzzles work?" - Yes, GW - watch 0:28

  • Octo

    No, it's familiar with the individual objects. The puzzle is new.

  • Lee

    Teaching it to remember those separate puzzles is no small feat.
    Very cool.

  • Royalblueduck

    you're talon me...

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