'Smart Purse' Seals Itself To Prevent Overspending

February 7, 2014


This is the iBag, a $200 bag that proves people are still naming things by just throwing an i in front. I thought we were over that. The iBag is a 'smart purse' that can seal itself to prevent overspending. Cool, but I would just cut a hole in the side with a knife. No purse is keeping me away from new shoes.

Using an Arduino processor and a real-time clock, Finder.com.au's iBag prototype has been designed to physically deter shoppers from accessing their wallets during the times of day they're most vulnerable to spend.

The purse is also equipped with a GPS chip and LED lights that flash when a shopper gets too close to his or her favourite shops, or, as the company puts it: "when you're entering a danger spending zone."

RFID modules record every swipe of a shopper's wallet leaving the bag and a GSM module can also send text messages to a "responsible other" party, like a husband, wife or parent.

What if you don't have a "responsible other" for the bag to text if you're overspending? What if your "responsible other" never gets the text message because they spent all their phone bill money on new dresses, then what? "Sounds like you're projecting." EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS ON DRESSES?

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees the key to not overspending is already having all your credit cards maxed out so they get declined.

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