Skydivers Accidentally Drop GoPro Camera From Plane, It Plummets Into Pig Pen, Pig Immediately Tries To Eat It

February 12, 2014


Warning: the footage of the camera falling will give you a seizure even if you have no history of seizures or have never even sneezed very hard before so be careful watching that part.

This is the footage from a GoPro camera that was accidentally dropped from a plane by a skydiver. The camera falls straight into a pig pen, where a pig immediately runs up and tries to eat the thing. The pig's owner discovered the camera eight months later. One time when I was in high school I found a disposable camera and got all excited that maybe there might be some nudes on the roll AND THERE WERE. "She hot?" He was alright.

Hit the jump for the video in case you've ever been curious what it would look like if a pig was eating your face.

Thanks to Julien, Ben Jammin and John C, who would have jumped out after the camera, managed to grab it, then returned to the plane in time to pull it up from a nosedive just like in a James Bond movie.

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