Skydivers Accidentally Drop GoPro Camera From Plane, It Plummets Into Pig Pen, Pig Immediately Tries To Eat It

February 12, 2014


Warning: the footage of the camera falling will give you a seizure even if you have no history of seizures or have never even sneezed very hard before so be careful watching that part.

This is the footage from a GoPro camera that was accidentally dropped from a plane by a skydiver. The camera falls straight into a pig pen, where a pig immediately runs up and tries to eat the thing. The pig's owner discovered the camera eight months later. One time when I was in high school I found a disposable camera and got all excited that maybe there might be some nudes on the roll AND THERE WERE. "She hot?" He was alright.

Hit the jump for the video in case you've ever been curious what it would look like if a pig was eating your face.

Thanks to Julien, Ben Jammin and John C, who would have jumped out after the camera, managed to grab it, then returned to the plane in time to pull it up from a nosedive just like in a James Bond movie.

  • CawaLimon

    To everyone saying this is fake: The way the camera was set up was probably just a GoPro attached to a handle like so:

    Because of this handle, the center of mass is not at the center of the camera, but closer to the handle itself. However,because the GoPro still weighs more than the handle, it will start to rotate about the center of mass as its falling down.

    At the beginning, the angular velocity of the camera is small, so it spins every which way, but as it gains momentum and angular velocity increases in a certain direction, it rotates about a fixed axis.

    Because the camera is in free-fall, it eventually reaches terminal velocity, meaning that it cannot accelerate anymore. During this time, it is spinning some number of times per second. Now, GoPro cameras usually shoot at ~60 frames per second, so when the camera rotates 60 times per second, the picture would appear still and if the velocity is slightly off (faster or slower) you will get the effect seen in the video.

    After some calculations, I could say that the camera was rotating at about 59MPH, (assuming a 12cm handle). The longer the handle, the faster it would rotate.

    While it's possible that this is fake, physics leads me to believe that this very much doable and pretty cool.

    Let me know if any of this doesn't make sense :)

  • FrigginMitch

    Camera lands in a pile of mud and pig shit but somehow no mud lands on the lens?
    Also, have you ever seen a pig? A pig that size would devour an IMAX camera. A GoPro the size of my fist (handle or not) wouldn't have been recovered.

  • Megatron Jenkins

    Have you ever worked with pigs? I have. I really don't think the pig would nosh hardcore on a camera after it figures out it's not edible. Certainly not enough to 'devour' a camera.

    Also, physics and science are a thing, and prove that this really happened. Grow a brain, dipshit.


    its funny how obvious it is that you have an agenda to prove videos fake. you try to apply what you think is common sense by saying it lands in mud and pig shit, but if you had any of said common sense you would be able to associate the sound of it hitting the ground, and getting rustled around by the pig shows that it landed on a hard, likely dried up muddy area of the pig pen. not only that, but a pig "that size", im sorry what size? that fisheye lense size? that size based on it's..tongue? shut your're reaching.

  • FrigginMitch

    Big enough to put its mouth over a GoPro, you fucking muppet. You're probably the kind of asshole who also believes in ghosts and psychics.


    rofl, i guess perspective is something new to you. fool

  • Gingerbread

    The ending reminds me of the nightmare I had once in which I was eaten alive by bacon. As for my thoughts on the pretended "fall" of the camera, I was not convinced but I watched it again and if you pay attention just before it hits the ground, you can see the ground coming fast (and it seems like it's from considerable height too) so my guess is that it really happened.

  • fdafda

    whats with the sky/ground being so weird? was it spinning so fast each frame was doing odd things(like tires spinning backwards in commercials) or did something happen to the lens or data?

  • Tyguy

    If real, that is awesome. The thing was spinning so fast it almost created its own film speed/frame rate.....?

  • FrigginMitch

    Pretty obviously fake

  • joevsyou

    pretty indestructible cameras

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