Scientist Recreates Face For Crystal Head Vodka Bottle

February 18, 2014


Note: This is only the beginning of the process, the rest is after the jump.

This is a pictorial of the process Scottish forensic scientist Nigel used to recreate the face of a Crystal Head Vodka bottle. Is it really what his face would look like? No clue. Because when I was in college my face was really gaunt (I looked like Skeletor) but then I got into drinking beer and eating like shit and now I have two chins. Would you be able to tell that from my skull? Because I'm convinced the only things you'd be able to tell from my skull is that I was ugly, and now I'm dead.

Keep going for the rest, including shots of his ponytail (apparently he had a ponytail).






Thanks to Jason H, Lyndsay and BBQ, who have all drank straight from the skull before.

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