Raccoons Like Popping Bubble Wrap Too You Know

February 19, 2014


This is a brief video of a raccoon popping bubble wrap. Or trying to eat it. I think he's just trying to eat it. Wouldn't it be cool if bubble wrap bubbles were all filled with different scents and when you popped them you got to smell them? Because I would start manufacturing novelty rolls where every fourth bubble is like swampy, after-workout buttcrack. If people don't puke and pass out I'll know I've failed and set my own factory on fire.

Keep going for the video that's proof that raccoons really are man's closest relative (don't look that up). Also, why is this person not freaking out that there's a raccoon in their house opening their packages? "It's a pet." Raccoons are not pets, they are LITTLE BANDITS.

Thanks to Traci with an i, who apparently wanted to make it clear her name is spelled with an i so when I copy/pasted it from my email I wouldn't get it wrong.

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