Pizza Delivery Guy Throws Pizza Three Stories Up

February 20, 2014


Note: Dude drops the f-bomb but he has an accent so it totally shouldn't cause any problems.

This is a video of a (presumably) Domino's pizza delivery guy Frisbee-ing a pizza up three stories because the guy who ordered it is too high/lazy to come down and get it. Is the video even real? I feel like it might be fake. My boobs? My boobs are 100% real. "You have three nipples on each one." Haha, yeah, I asked my plastic surgeon for extras. Wait -- I meant, God has a plan.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to A and Arrogant Tiger, who prefer their pizzas not all smashed into one corner of the box.

  • uKER

    That's two stories up, not three. Handing it to somebody in ground level isn't throwing it one story up.

  • Atom Kahn

    I lived in a 4 floor walk-up in Brooklyn and would lower a bucket on a rope for take out.

  • Peter Schmidt

    Silly GW. He doesn't know the difference between an accent and a dialect.

  • GW is American, I believe, and the speaker in the video has a Scottish (or northern English?) accent. I'm sure he is also using a different dialect than the GW is used to, but that wasn't his point. Furthermore, this is Geekologie, not Nerdologie.

  • Peter Schmidt

    There is no such thing as a Scottish accent. It's called a dialect. That was my whole point. But you *do* know what the first part of "Geekologie" means, right? Your point doesn't really work in your favor.

  • Are you saying there are no such things as accents or just no such thing as a Scottish accent? Further study is required here to be sure.

  • Peter Schmidt

    I'm not saying accents don't exist. An accent is something you may have for a second language. A dialect is something you may have for your native language. That's the simple, yet distinct, difference. None who are native English speakers may have an English accent, but they can have dialects. Accents are for languages that are not native to you.

  • I don't want to say Wikipedia is the absolute final word on everything, but their page on Accent doesn't agree with you, and Wikipedia is usually right.
    Using the terminology from Wikipedia, what you're describing is a Foreign Accent. There are also Social Accents and Regional Accents and it is the latter that the GW was referring to.
    The Scottish Dialect would refer to the specific speech patterns, vocabulary, and grammar of Scotland. But the way words are pronounced, inflections, etc. is called the accent.

  • Peter Schmidt

    I'm right and everyone else is wrong. That's the end of it!
    (maybe I read up on it just now and won't admit defeat)

  • The Alchemist

    I'm surprised people thought this was real. Ever wonder why the guy is filming them randomly right before the act? And the box wouldn't move like that unless the pizza was pinned down or perfectly made. The pizza would leave the box fast.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    That's a very good point...

  • Karen A. Adams

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    ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋ ▋⃥▋▋ ▋▋ᤶ▋ ▋▋▋Usually the car is provided by the person doing the deliveries!

  • Derek Zimmer

    I call Schenanigans! Unless Scottish Pizza companies don't have logos or signs for their delivery cars

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Erm... not a single delivery person in the region of Ottawa has logo companies. Usually the car is provided by the person doing the deliveries!

  • Imadethisnameup


  • Frédéric Purenne

    I have no clue why I used an exclamation mark there. HAHA! >_<

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Everyone is praising how bad-ass this is... but did anyone ever considered where the toppings fucking are now? Welcome to centripetal force!

  • I think the GW did in his last line.

  • baal

    Pay him in Pennies!

  • I kind of wish I lived in a 3 story building now.

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