Philippine Couple's Final Fantasy Themed Wedding

February 28, 2014


This is a video of freshly married Elegado and Datan's Final Fantasy themed wedding. They were matrimonied dressed as Squall and a White Mage. Many guests weren't familiar with the Final Fantasy series though, but were encouraged to dress as their favorite characters from anything. The father of the bride came as Darth Vader and the mother of the bride as Alice in Wonderland. I was not invited. The reception took place at Fernwood Gardens in the Philippines in case you were wondering just how less cool the Marriott Courtyard ballroom my reception took place in was. I'm joking, I'm not married. But if and when I am, the reception is going to be on the moon. You're all invited, but one of you has to give me and my new wife a ride. And, just so we're clear, we will be having loud, zero-gravity sex in the back of your spaceship on the way.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Mark, threadbare and Aliza, who are all invited to be groomsmen or flower girls.

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