Original Rufio Helps Swede Fight Scene From 'Hook'

February 27, 2014


This is a video of Dante Brasco reprising his roll as Rufio in a sweded version of his final sword fight scene from Hook. Man, Hook is a great movie. One of my favorites. If you showed up at my door tonight with Hook and a bucket of popcorn I would 1) check the bucket of popcorn for a hole in the bottom, then, depending on what I found, either 2) invite you in to watch the movie or 3) kick your ass for premeditated making me touch your penis.

Hit the jump for the video, as well as a worthwhile shot-by-shot comparison version.

Thanks to BBQ, who sounds like a great idea this weekend. Awesome, I'll bring the fire, you bring everything else.

  • To a twelve year old I'm huge...

  • VisualFuji
  • kristopher

    Looks like Rufio's been hittin that pancit and sisig hard.

  • TyDurd

    I agree, but it looks like he's been hittin 'em in Neverland, Hook was made 23 years ago!

  • KeKyKo

    What if the popcorn was meant to sit on your lap :)

  • Matticus Morgan

    Rufio! Rufio! Ru! Fi! Oooooooo~

    -had to :/

  • kabir hirayu

    someone should cosplay a Rufio / Zuko mashup.

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