Nothing Wrong With That: Woman Reveals P0rnhub Links On Phone During Local News Story

February 12, 2014


This is a screenshot from a local news report by WGN in Chicago about an app students are developing that can expunge your criminal record. Unfortunately for her, this student forgot to expunge her browser's history before flashing it on the news, revealing a P0rnhub link and a link to a specific video. Nothing wrong with that, at least not in my book. "What is your book?" A nudie magazine with a cover that makes it look like a Shakespeare play! O Boobieso, Boobieso, wherefore art though Nipplesthough?

Keep going for the brief video.

Thanks to maz, Alicia and John, who all referenced the importance of deleting your browser history regularly.

  • Colorless82

    I'm glad I have google chrome on my phone where I can open an incognito tab.

  • Bubbubsky

    Wait, I thought only disgusting perverted dudes watched porn.

  • Colorless82

    I'm a woman and watch porn. I have to before bed because I can't get to sleep otherwise. The euphoria just clears my mind.

  • Guest

    clearly an "internet woman" a "girl" if you will...guy in real life

    send us proof, pix or gtfo

  • Jfdelman

    Its amateur squirt

  • Guest

    because pissing the bed *during sex no less* is so sexy

  • Colorless82

    Squirt is cum not piss, totally different. It's clear and smells different. You'd know that if you could ever get a girl off.

  • Guest

    nope, its piss. you have no idea how female sexual organs work.

    its ok, gay isn't half the stigma it once was no need for this posturing/

    unless you're a chick in which case its actually fairly common for women to wet themselves a little from time to time(laugh really hard for example) so don't get so defensive about it

  • sandwich man

    so basically ur sayin that a chick pissed in my mouth a couple times before... and that piss doesn't taste bad.... right

  • Guest

    ....yeah....pretty much.
    there is no organ or part thereof that would produce "cum" in a female.
    nor would it serve any purpose biologically to have one. so either you banged an oddly intact tranny(just a joke, thats impossible) or she peed a little. and yeah piss doesn't taste all that bad if you're well hydrated, it'll even be clear except in large quantities, have you tasted urine for comparison? I'll wait here while you go check..

  • Guest

    but like I said many young healthy women tend to pee a little from time to time. laughing hard, a series of particularly forceful sneezes, sex, so it doesn't mean she did it intentionally and it doesn't mean you didn't get her off.....its just that doing so made her slip and pee a little. no need to take it so personal, women just don't have testes.

    ...well they aren't "supposed to" but in the interest of inclusiveness who am i to tell somebody which sexual organs a woman is supposed to have, if you were giving your girl a blowjob she very well could have cum in your mouth

  • Holly Haze

    Now now, just because someone clearly has no idea how sex works doesn't mean they've never gotten a woman off accidentally. I'm sure they've stumbled upon a few orgasms in the past. It's not difficult.

  • Guest

    I call viral campaign, she wants to break into the market and is infact the one in the video she has linked there. Its like but much more subtle/less hot than that chick that skydived with a dick in.

  • Guest

    what was the specific link?

  • ZerglingPack

    I don't want to get in trouble on this site by posting a link, but if I type three words as advice I don't see the harm. Expose these Hoes is a terrible thing to say. Now it's so coded only the smartest will understand.

  • Guest

    but I do not understand?

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