MY HEART IS GLOWING: Body Maps Of Emotions

February 5, 2014


These are the composite emotional body maps created by researchers at Aalto University in Finland using data gathered from participants who were presented with a series of emotional words and asked to color a human shaped silhouette where they felt increased bodily activity. Not exactly the most scientific method I've ever heard of, but not all universities can afford fancy monitoring equipment.

The study asked 700 participants from Finland, Sweden, and Taiwan to watch a series of emotional words, stories, movies, or facial expressions while coloring in areas on paper body silhouettes where they felt increasing or decreasing activity. Putting all of the data together resulted in the images that you see above, showing emotional activity maps of the human body. Statistical analysis proved that these maps were accurate across cultures, suggesting that when you share a feeling with someone, no matter where they're from, you really are sharing the same physical sensations as they do.

I like how love seems to get everybody's privates hot and bothered. Love makes my penis freeze up like the Ice Witch just smacked it with her wand. If I had to guess I'd say I probably have the upper body of anger all the time, and the lower body of sadness. My head and torso are always burning up, but my lower body is so freezing I once had a girlfriend break up with me for always touching her with my cold feet in bed at night. "Why didn't you wear socks?" Because that was just easier than telling her I didn't love her. OH SHIT, we're having some real-talk today!

Thanks to Justice, who I prefer swift.

  • Nick Carangi

    this is really interesting. I wonder what violence looks like on the chart

  • fdfdafdsa

    these are colored by hand not a scanner.....why then does pride drain away from and exclude the penis?(And extremedies)

  • fdfdafdsa

    i like how anger makes your fists glow and love lights up the crotch as much as the heart

  • Guest

    huh, would have expected more genital involvement in emotions. how does contempt get that slight blue streak when love gets a gray brown? contempt gets you hotter?
    edit- ah, misread the chart. the emotions go at the top not the bottom. love has a nice warm glow there

  • Digitalus

    So then, what's this guy feeling?

  • Guest

    consulting the chart...happy

  • joevsyou


  • cabbo

    Contempt gives you blue balls.

  • Imadethisnameup

    Dumbledore- "One must remember, Love is more powerful than any combination of fear, anger or hatred could ever be."

  • Mario

    why does contempt drive away activity exclusively in the penis?

  • fdfdafdsa

    sometimes they shrivel(temporarally praise dibella) up when you really actively don't want sex. or when you go swimming

  • MustacheHam

    Happiness has more energy than fear. Sounds like something straight from Monster's Inc.

  • fdfdafdsa

    well it *was* based on a true story...of course irl you'd have to cut the child open and drain the blood through a heatpump to get at it

  • muffinbabble

    Happy looks like drunk feels. I feel quite happy.

  • Pomadedesign

    Shame looks like Spiderman

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I just said that to my colleague before scrolling down to the comments!

  • Guest

    I was just about to say shame looks like Carnage from Spider Man!

  • Laura Toby

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    ★★★ ★★⭥★ ★★★⭻★ ★★★you really are sharing the same physical sensations as they do.

  • fdfdafdsa

    we don't care that your best friend's stepmother is an internet whore gtfo

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