Monkey Steals Guy's Video Camera, Films Itself

February 27, 2014


Note: Dude drops an f-bomb at the end trying to explain to the monkey, "That's a f***ing $500 camera...It's a Go-Pro." You know, because monkeys understand and care.

This is the video from a tourist at the Uluwatu Temple in Bali trying to film himself feeding the local monkeys. The only problem is the monkeys are at least 2x smarter than him and one of them steals his camera. Then, as if to prove primates are human's closest relatives, takes a nice closeup of its dick before trying to dismantle the thing.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Liz B, who is smart enough to know you never set anything down near monkeys unless you're cool never getting it back.

  • Littletroubleshooter many racist thoughts.

  • baal

    Needs more monkey junk. I might buy one if the camera came preloaded (by accident of course) with hours of monkey junk.

  • Mike Powers

    Right. This is a viral ad. And I suppose every Russian driving video is a viral DashCam ad.

  • $32498335

    Not only are these viral ads, but it's pretty apparent that Geekologie and other similar aggregator sites are paid by Gopro to write stories about these ads intentionally promoting them as happenstance videos. Either that or these writers/editors are clueless. Pick which you believe to be true.

  • catallergy

    How much do you think the monkey got paid? He's a great actor. So believable.

  • Andrew Newton

    I pick the one where I live in a universe in which I can successfully convey sarcasm over the internet.

  • Andrew Newton

    Pfft, just an elaborate GO PRO viral advertisement......

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