Mercedes Commercial About Surviving Death Valley Only Drinking The Water Emissions From Your Car

February 25, 2014


Ladies first, I insist.

This is a commercial for a Mercedes F-CELL vehicle featuring Hollywood couple I'm not familiar with Joshua Jackson (who I researched and discovered is famous for being in Mighty Ducks and on Dawson's Creek) and Diane Kruger (who I did not research but assume is famous for previously being married to Freddy Krueger and not taking his full name). Allegedly Joshua and Diane (not to be confused with Jack and Diane, two American kids doin' the best they can) drive across Death Valley drinking nothing but the water emissions from the car. Did they really? No clue, they are both actors after all. Cool if they did I guess. But you know what would have been even cooler? Driving across Death Valley only drinking your car's wiper fluid and antifreeze. Now that would be something to see.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Andreas, who once survived a trip across Canada eating nothing but the car's floor mats.

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