Man Banned From The Internet For Using Craigslist To Send Naked Dudes To His Neighbor's House

February 14, 2014


Seen here looking exactly like the kind of guy I imagine would get banned from the internet for sending naked Craigslist suitors to a neighbor's house, 31-year old Jason Willis of Wisconsin (no surprise there) poses for his mugshot. Unfortunately, Jason got off with just 30 months probation (including the internet ban), so he won't be finding his own naked suitors in the slammer.

In November 2012, Jason Willis, 31, placed a fake personal Craigslist ad for his neighbor in Waterford, Wisconsin. Not long later, his neighbor said several men, one of whom was dressed only in a trench coat, arrived at her door.

"If you want to drive drunk, you're not allowed to drive," Judge Allen Torhorst said. "To me, a public availability of the internet--to use it the way he did--is unconscionable."

Willis has 30 days to disconnect his internet service. His neighbor, for one, is thankful for the ban.

"His idea of a joke is much different than other people's," she said.

Could you imagine having a neighbor like Jason? That would suck. I think...I think I would have no choice but to kill him. "Sounds a little extreme, don't you think?" That'll be for the jury to decide.

Thanks to A, who agrees if you're going to send anything to a neighbor's house from Craigslist, it better be a f***ing gift basket (like, with fruits and cheese, not sex toys).

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