Lightsaber Combat Academy (Is A Real Thing And We Should Enroll)

February 3, 2014


This is a video of students practicing their lightsabering at the Ludosports Lightsaber Combat Academies in Italy (there are seven so far). That is a whole lot of lightsaber fighting. You can go to their official website to read about all the different styles they teach, which is really in depth. People are like, REALLY into this. Me? I'm really into sandwiches. ESPECIALLY on rye. Except for peanut butter and jellies, those belong on white or wheat. God, I could talk sandwiches all day. Sometimes I think about opening my own little deli, but then I remember I would never pass a safety inspection and get discouraged. You know how often I eat my lunch on the toilet? Weekdays. *brushes crumbs between legs, flushes*

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to lilco, who wants a rainbow colored lightsaber that plays the theme from Star Trek.

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