Just My Luck: Depressed Man Tries To Feed Himself To The Tigers At Zoo, Tigers Not Interested

February 20, 2014


Seen here after finally getting one's attention enough to play with him, 27-year old Yang Jinhai tries to feed himself to the white Bengal tigers at the Chengdu Zoo in China. Yang climbed a tree and jumped into the tiger enclose with the hope the beasts would eat him. They were not interested, no doubt even further fueling his depression.

"I asked them to bite me and let them eat my meat, and so I did not fight back," 27-year old Yang Jinhai told the Chengdu Business Daily.

Stunned visitors witnessed how he made "exaggerated movements" for 20 minutes to tempt the Bengal tigers, but while scratching him and dragging him by the back of his neck, the beasts refused to devour him.

Zoo keepers finally tranquilized the tigers in order to rescue Yang, who is now being treated for depression.

Depression: it's no joke. And if you are depressed I guarantee throwing yourself into the tiger pit at the zoo isn't going make it any better. You need to talk to somebody. Seek help, and not in the form of a steak dinner for the tigers at the zoo. If anybody should be throwing themselves into a zoo exhibit, it should be my roommate Derek, and I recommend the cobra, rhino and lion exhibits, in that order.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he spends all day at the tiger exhibit daring people to jump in.

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