Jean-Claude Van Damme Leg Splits Between Satellites

February 27, 2014


First there was the real video of Jean-Claude Van Damme doing his famous leg splits between two Volvo trucks driving in reverse, then there was the CG video of Chuck Norris doing the splits between two jets. And here is another CG video of Van Damme answering back with a leg splits between two satellites and, eventually, nothing. He's just floating in space doing the splits. As far as splits go, I think that's the most serious kind (although I didn't take gymnastics growing up so I'm not an expert). Also, I love that Enya song they use in all the videos. That shit is INSPIRING. Reminds me of the first Pure Moods album. I used to listen to that before bed every night and dream about what the future held in store for me. Pretty disappointed so far.

Hit the jump for the video. Or scroll down, depends on where you're at.

Thanks to Duckhair, once performed a splits on the surface of the sun but there's no proof because the camera couldn't handle the brightness. I still believe you though.

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