I Will Break You If I Lose: A Robotic Air Hockey Player

February 7, 2014


This is the robotic air hockey player built by Jose Julio using 3-D printed parts. If I saw this at the arcade I would jam its coin slot with washers then rip one of the guns from Time Crisis loose and smash its brains out. Then beat all the pinball high scores.

The robot uses a PS3 camera to monitor the action. The camera is mounted above the table and it watched the puck to determine its trajectory. It then moves the paddle to the appropriate position to block and return the puck. It can even anticipate bounces off the wall. And in the event the robot is too good for you, you can always adjust the robot's speed to dumb-down its acceleration and strategy algorithms.

Did anybody else get distracted by those two little fish kissing in the top left corner of the aquarium? Looked like the beginning of some sort of mating ritual if you ask me. Way more complicated than the mating rituals of merpeople that I've witnessed.

Merman: Wanna bone?
Mermaid: Meet me behind the reef.

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to ChaosLex, who loves chaos so much he enters every store running at full speed yelling 'THE ROBOTS ARE COMING!'

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