Heck Yeah: They're Going To Make An Adult Sized Version Of Those Drift/Drive In Any Direction Go-Karts

February 21, 2014


Remember the Razor Crazy Cart we were all stoked about until we heard the weight limit is 140-pounds and I'm at least 60-pounds (that I'm willing to admit) over that? Well now Razor is releasing an XL version that is strong enough to support weights up to 250-lbs at breakneck speeds of 17MPH. We'll finally be able to play Mario Kart battle mode in real life! We'll just tie balloons to our bumpers and start ramming each other demolition derby style. Will I be swinging a ninja sword and firing a crossbow? Probably!

Keep going for a very brief video of dude demoing one.

Thanks to Ven and Meow (chill out I already fed you!), who agree this might prove to be the funnest summer ever.

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