Heck Yeah, Spy Games: Teensy 2.5-Inch Quadrocopters

February 5, 2014


This is the Estes Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter (available on Amazon for $40 plus other places). It's 2.5-inches from rotor tip to rotor tip, weighs 0.4-ounces and gets 5 to 10 minutes of flight time on a single charge. Unfortunately, its rotors aren't powerful enough to support a video camera, so if you're a spy and need to gather intel on a female Russian spy, you're still going to have to do it the old fashioned James Bond way and have sex with her first.

Thanks to Landon P, who once swatted a friend's nano quadrocopter out of the air because he thought it was a bug then the friend tried to make him pay for it but he refused and now they're not friends anymore. Hey -- I've lost friends for even stupider reasons. Jk jk, you win.

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