Freaky Deaky: 3-D Typeface That Looks Like Human Faces

February 14, 2014


Nice soul patch, E, you look ridiculous.

This is a literal typeface created by French artist JC Debroize for graphic design studio Kerozen (where he's the creative director). So he really only made the letters to spell the company's name (E, K, O, N, R and Z) and you can forget about using them to spell your own name unless your name is KRON, EON, ZORK, REKON, NOKE, KONER or something else really cool. Could you imagine if this is the way all letters actually looked? Every book would be a horror novel and I would have never learned to read.

Keep going to see the rest.







Thanks to Sand, who there must be hundreds of grains of on the beach, at least (I'm also terrible at guessing weights at the carnival).

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