Fish Drives His Aquarium By Swimming In Diff Directions

February 13, 2014


This is a video of a goldfish in a little aquarium on wheels who can steer the thing by swimming in different directions (which is captured by a webcam). It's basically exactly like Finding Nemo, provided you've never seen the movie and thought it was about a fish who owned a monster truck. He's probably just trying to find his way back to his friend, the plastic rum-drinking skeleton pirate. Which, for the record, is hands down the best aquarium decoration money can buy. I actually just started an aquarium, but I've got to thinking what if I just want to get up and move to Puerto Rico one day, what am I supposed to do with my fish then? "Give them away to friends." What friends? "Oh, right." Would you take them? "No." What if I told you I was dying? "Maybe." Then I'm dying.

Keep going for a video of the little booger speeding around in the thing.

Thanks to lilco, who steers the old fashioned way: with a knee while eating a cheeseburger.

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