Finland Spraying Reindeer Antlers With Reflective Paint To Prevent Car Accidents

February 25, 2014


Seen here looking suspiciously like the Grinch's homemade reindeer, a reindeer in Norway poses with its reflective painted antlers, or 'bling sticks' as they like to refer to them. Herders in Norway have recently started painting their reindeer's antlers and fur with reflective paint to prevent traffic accidents because motorists can't see them. Sadly, nearly 4,000 reindeer die each year in Norway due to traffic accidents. For reference, that's 3,992 more than are going to die in the US this year if Santa doesn't f***ing bring me what I want.

Thanks to Marcobar, who once painted himself green and stood behind a meteorologist for the entirety of his weather report without him knowing.

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